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The Military Technical College is pleased to organize the Twelfth International Conference on Civil and Architectural Engineering. The conference is a chance to bring together all scientists and engineers from Egyptian armed forces and their counterparts in the universities, research center, academic and technical institutions from Egypt and other countries. It is our hope that the conference will provide a good opportunity to exchange knowledge and to find appropriate solutions to present problems in Civil and Architectural Engineering fields. The conference has the aim to provide an environment of submitting and discussion of modern advances and experience on various Civil and Architectural Engineering activities that cover the following fields:
1- Concrete Structures
2- Geotechnical Engineering
3- Material Quality and Control
4- Project Management
5- Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
6- Structural Analysis and Design
7- Structural Dynamics
8- Surveying and Photogrammetry
9- Transportation Engineering
10- Water Resources.
11- Architectural Engineering
12- Environmental Engineering
13- Urban Planning
Thirty-five manuscripts were submitted after receiving our call for papers. Professors from M.T.C., Egyptian universities and other research organization refereed these papers. From the thirty-five papers, only thirty-two papers were accepted for presentation in the conference. These papers will be published in the conference proceeding after their discussion in the conference sessions.
The conference committee would like to acknowledge the valuable response received from all contributors. We are also grateful to the members of the scientific committee for their great help in assessing all the received papers.
We hope that the conference is successful in solving some problems in the armed forces and different civil engineering sectors.

Current Issue: Volume 12, 12th International Conference on Civil and Architecture Engineering, Spring 2018 

6. Behavior of post and pre-heated RC short columns wrapped with ferrocement

Pages 1-18

Israa Abd Elhady; Mahmoud Elsayed; Alaa Elsayed

14. Tsunami deposits and hazard along north coast of Egypt correlate with historical earthquake records of eastern Mediterranean

Pages 1-6

Asem Salama; Mustapha Meghraoui; Mohamed El Gabry; Said Maouche; Hesham Hussein; Ibrahim Korrat

17. Repairing Reinforced Concrete Beams with Openings by Ferrocement Laminates

Pages 1-20

Yousry B I Shaheen; Noha M Soliman; Fathya El-Araby


Pages 1-10

Mohamed M. Kamal; Hassan E. Elhifnawy; Ahmed S. Elsharkawy; Osama M. Mousa

23. Finite Element Simulation of Space Trusses

Pages 1-21

B. Eltaly; M . Nawar; K. Kandeel

25. Blast Hazard Impact on V-Shape Composite Panel Performance

Pages 1-18

Mostafa Abdel Wahab; Sherif Mazek; Mahmoud Abada; Mohamed Abdel Shafy

29. Effect of spatial resolution on runoff volume and sediment yield

Pages 1-30

Gamal M. El Sheaky; Osama M. Moussa; Ahmed M. El Desoky; Hosam M El Hanafy

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